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Your safety, and that of our staff is our top priority.


In line with government guidance, we have implemented a number of measures and are making a number of changes to ensure that Physical Performance is a safe place for you to visit.


All equipment, mats, hand weights, straps and balls are wiped with antibacterial wipes between clients.


We've got antibacterial wipes available in all key areas of the gym so you can clean your kit before and after use, for added peace of mind. 


Our gym will be deep cleaned every night with high-grade anti-viral disinfectant. 

The team will also clean every piece of kit and surface throughout the day, from dumbbells to door handles and everything in between, so you can return with confidence.



We have all the space you need to work out while keeping a safe distance. Our capacity means we'll always work way above what government guidelines recommend.


The reception has also been rearranged and clearly marked out for you to use safely, so it is easy for everyone to follow, please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment. If you do arrive early, please wait in your car. 


We'll control the numbers in the gym at any given time so it never gets too busy.  


You'll find hand sanitising stations around our facility so it's easy to regularly clean your hands during your visit.


We ask that you also sanitise your hands before entering the gym to keep yourself and others safe. 

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  • How will you keep the gym clean?
    The gym will be deep cleaned overnight and regularly through the day, using high-grade disinfectants that will kill the virus. Equipment and mats will be cleaned between each appointment. It is impossible to keep any environment 100% clean, as evidenced even in hospital operating theatres. However, it is possible to make environments ‘safe’ by undertaking the appropriate cleaning and disinfecting measures. COVID-19 is easy to kill with most readily available domestic cleaning agents and with thorough hand washing with soap for 20 seconds or more. Coupled with safe distancing and avoidance of touching the face, together with other building environment measures, including good ventilation, a safe environment can be established and maintained.
  • Will staff wear face masks or PPE?
    Face masks will not be mandatory for staff. The exception to this will be health consultations and office based treatments where staff will wear PPE, this equates to a face mask and a disposable apron. Gloves are not mandatory as the World Health Organisation (WHO) advice is that it is preferable not to wear gloves as they can harbour a high viral load and washing hands thoroughly is far more important. Staff do have disposable gloves available, and may use them depending on treatments and preference.
  • Are changing facilities and lockers available?
    Yes, you can use the changing rooms. Only one member can use the changing rooms at a time. We encourage people to change before and after the gym where possible, to avoid using the changing facilities.
  • Are cafe facilities and protein shakes available?
    No. We have a temporary closure of all cafe services, this includes coffees and protein shakes in reception. We are also currently unable to offer these to takeaway.
  • Can Physical Activity help against Covid-19?
    Being physically fit is highly protective against a range of illnesses. It also boosts the immune system. COVID-19 particularly affects those with underlying health conditions, diabetes etc. and those overweight. Given that the virus is now considered to be ‘endemic’ within the community, it is more important than ever to maintain one’s fitness.
  • Can you catch Covid-19 from sweat?
    No, COVID-19 is not transmitted through sweat. Don't forget, wiping sweat from your face could lead to the virus being passed from your hands to your face. So it is very important to regularly use hand sanitisers (60% alcohol +) and avoid touching your face as much as possible. We have added more hand sanitising stations throughout the gym so you can easily access these throughout your visit.
  • Are gyms higher risk than other enclosed spaces?
    No, there is the same chance of getting COVID-19 in all areas indoors, the key is keeping social distancing in place, and following cleanliness guidelines. Risk is essentially divided between ‘outdoor spaces’ and the building environment, or ‘indoor spaces’. R rate (the rate the infection is spread by one person) is higher indoors, including within households, shops, and high-occupancy workplaces. Gyms fall into this indoor category, especially due to the increased individual activity of the occupants, but this can be mitigated through the special measures being deployed and people following the guidelines put in place. We have introduced new cleaning and social distancing measures in the gym to ensure that you can work out safely, and will keep the gym well ventilated.
  • Are you restricting numbers in the gym?
    Yes. All training is 121 by appointment only. Booking by appointment is essential. As always we limit the number of people in the gym at the same time, so clients can keep a safe distance from each other.
  • Are showers safe?
    There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of showers. It is, therefore, safe to shower here but distancing is once again paramount as toweling down, etc., can spread contaminants. Thus, the important factor is maintaining safe distancing hence only one member can use the changing rooms at a time. For the time being, we encourage members to arrive and leave in gym kit wherever possible. If you do need to shower here, please bring your own towel.
  • Should I wear a mask to the gym?
    A mask protects people from droplet spread from an infected person to another person. It does not protect the wearer and safe distancing is probably of greater importance. This is because the majority of droplets emitted will fall to the ground within 2 metres. Masks will also compromise physical exertion and this has to be taken into consideration when training. You are not required to wear a mask, for this reason, however, you can do so if you would feel more comfortable.
  • Should I wear gloves to the gym?
    No. Gloves can harbour a high viral load and contaminate surfaces. The individual may also transfer from glove to face in a higher dose and not touching the face and washing hands thoroughly is far more important.
  • How can I reduce the spread of infection in the gym to help myself and others?
    First of all, stay home if you have any concerns whatsoever that you may have contracted, or been in touch with anyone infected with COVID-19. When in the gym, follow the simple guidelines: keep your distance, wash your hands, and clean down kit after use with the cleaning wipes provided. Also, try not to talk directly to people face to face, rather to one side of each other. Shouting propels droplets further. If coughing or sneezing, do so into the inside of your elbow to catch droplets.
  • Are Water Machines Available?
    Yes, the water fountains are available for use, but we will be asking every member to bring your own water bottle.
  • Can I wait in reception?
    Plaese DO NOT arrive at your appointment more than 5 minutes early. If you do arrive early, please wait in the car whilst staff sanitise the studio for your safety. You must attend your appointment alone. We are unable to accommodate additional visitors waiting in reception during your appointment


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